south-west facing
2600 Berchem

status: design ready, waiting for execution 

The owners and also architectural duo (MAAT architects) of this city home contacted me early in their own residential renovation process. By having a clear vision of the design of the garden at an early stage, practical matters such as the best location for the rainwater well, outside tap, sockets and lighting can be taken into account during the renovation. This only benifits the final result.  

A squale model was made and approved with some minor adjustments. A clay paver terrace that matches the red breck of the rear facade takes up the entire width of the garden. A fixed bench in those same pavers connects the terrace with the curved fire pit/pre-dinner drinks/seating area. There will also be a custom made storage space with a green roof at the back. 

Herbs and vegetables can be grown in raised circular beds.

A multi-stem tree with a transparant crown close to the house will provide some necessary shade during the increasingly warmer summer months. Colorful plants connect all parts of the garden and create a beautiful view from the house.  

Current situation: