north facing
2600 Berchem

hardscape: Groenpunt
stairs and balustrade: MAS staalwerk

Even a very small urban garden can be transformed into a lush outdoor space. This small garden was  transformed into a place where the cutest little girl can grow up, play and explore while the parents can enjoy the view from their future office space.
Unfortunately the only tree in this garden was a sweet chestnut: beautiful but if you know it can grow up to 30m high and 25m wide, you know it is the wrong tree for this 4m wide garden. I replaced it with a native mountain ash. It will provide nectar and pollen for bees and tasty berries for birds. The trunk of the sweet chestnut was cut into smaller pieces and used as stepping stones though the vegetation and under the swing. The rest of the tree was stacked in the garden to act as a natural habitat for small insects.

A path of grey dolomite leads you to the sunniest spot of the garden. We found a stack of small square concrete pavers in the old garden and re-used them in a playfull manner.

Two long solid oak shelves were installed over the length of the garden. This accentuates the  Twee lange solide planken uit eik werden geïnstalleerd over de gehele lengte van de tuin. This long element optically extends the garden. Moreover, it is the place to display beautiful bits and bos and Wies, the daughter, can use it as a desk, mud kitchen, etc.They are placed on adjustable supports so that they can grow with Wies's needs.

Borders with a playful mix of, among others, Luzula nivea, Echinacea paradoxa, Primula veris and different types of ferns provide a loose atmosphere with the necessary color accents. Multiple climbing structures will cover the brick walls with lush greenery over the years to come. A feast for bees, birds and people.

A new black steel poutrel was placed to hang a swing. Climbing plants are wrapping themselves around it and thus create more privacy for the neighbors behind.

The eye-catcher of the garden is the striking yellow spiral staircase that connects the roof terrace with the garden.
A beautiful piece of customization.

Progress pictures: