east facing
2060 Antwerp

hardscape: Groenpunt

In the middle of Antwerps most culturally diverse part of the city, a lovely duo has found their home, transformed it and is now ready to tackle their garden.

For 7 years their garden has been almost untouched, creating a natural atmosphere on which I based my design. A blackbird made its nest this spring which really made me want to turn this garden into a safe haven for birds and small creatures. 

Two multistem trees give depth and height to the garden. A varied combination of shade loving and as many native plants as possible will attract blackbirds again. 


On the concrete paved terrace close to the back door you can enjoy the early morning sun. A playfull path in clay pavers leads the eye to a round seating area in the back of the garden, hidden amongst the plants. 


Pics of the progress: